Fe-metalloids bulk glassy alloys with high Fe content and high glass-forming ability
作者: Akihiro MakinoTakeshi KubotaChuntao ChangMasahiro MakabeAkihisa Inoue
作者单位: 1Institute for Materials Research , Tohoku University , Sendai 980-8577 , Japan
刊名: Journal of Materials Research, 2008, Vol.23 (5), pp.1339-1342
来源数据库: Cambridge University Press Journal
DOI: 10.1557/JMR.2008.0180
原始语种摘要: The coexistence of high Fe content and high glass-forming ability (GFA) has been earnestly desired from academia to industry. We report a novel Fe76Si9B10P5 bulk metallic glass with an unusual combination of high magnetization of 1.51 T due to high Fe content as well as high GFA leading to a glassy rod with a diameter of 2.5 mm despite not containing any glass-forming metal elements. This alloy composed of familiar and low-priced elements, also exhibiting very excellent magnetic softness, has a great advantage for engineering and industry, and thus should make a contribution to energy saving and conservation of earth’s resources and environment.
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  • glass 玻璃
  • alloys 多组分胶
  • content 品位
  • forming 成形
  • metallic 金属的
  • coexistence 共存
  • ability 能力
  • earnestly 热心地
  • excellent 优秀的