Towards the Centre: Early Neoliberals in the Netherlands and the Rise of the Welfare State, 1945–1958
作者: Bram Mellink
作者单位: 1Department of History , European Studies and Religion Studies , Kloveniersburgwal 48 , University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam , 1012 CX , the Netherlands
刊名: Contemporary European History, 2020, Vol.29 (1), pp.30-43
来源数据库: Cambridge University Press Journal
DOI: 10.1017/S0960777318000887
原始语种摘要: Although scholars have recently taken an increased interest in the history of neoliberalism, the ‘breakthrough’ of neoliberalism under Thatcher and Reagan still captures most of their attention. Consequently, the neoliberal project is primarily taken as Anglo-American, while its early history is mostly studied to explain the political shift of the 1980s. This article focuses on the early neoliberal movement in the Netherlands (1945–58) to highlight the continental European roots of neoliberal thought, trace the remarkably wide dissemination of neoliberal ideas in Dutch socio-economic debates and highlight the key role of these ideas in the conceptualisation of the Western European welfare state.
全文获取路径: Cambridge U Press 

  • neoliberalism 新自由主义
  • highlight 增强亮度
  • breakthrough 突破
  • European 欧洲人
  • remarkably 显著地
  • dissemination 散布
  • political 政治
  • welfare 福利
  • history 历史
  • primarily 首先