Hull resonance no explanation of excessive vibrations
作者: S. Hylarides
刊名: International Shipbuilding Progress, 1974, Vol.21 (236), pp.89-99
来源数据库: IOS Journal
DOI: 10.3233/ISP-1974-2123601
原始语种摘要: A new approach of marine vibration problems is given, showing that for modern, high powered ships excessive hull vibrations at service r.p.m. cannot be explained by hull resonances. The fundamental cause is the increased power. Therefore the solution of present-day vibration problems must be found in reducing the excitation forces, strongly dominated by propeller cavitation propeller shaft resonances. Calculation of hull vibrations is nowadays only required to know the final response level, in order to detect unpleasant or dangerous vibrations, and no longer to know the higher node hull resonances in order to avoid their excitation at service speed.
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  • resonance 共振
  • excessive 过度
  • propeller 螺旋桨
  • fundamental 基本的
  • vibration 振荡
  • excitation 激发
  • dangerous 危险的
  • modern 现代的
  • nowadays 现今
  • strongly 强烈地