A calculation based on Green's function method for FM/MgO /FM sandwiches with roughness at interfaces
作者: S Edalati BoostanH Moradi
刊名: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2010, Vol.200 (5), pp.052006 (4pp)
来源数据库: Institute of Physics Journal
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/200/5/052006
英文摘要: Tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) is studied by using non-equilibrium Green's function method based on a single-band tight-binding approximation in Fe/MgO/Fe junction with random energy (RE) at interfaces. Roughness associated with interdiffused regions at Fe/MgO interfaces are introduced as RE on site elements of interfaces (atoms adjacent to interfaces). Calculations show that TMR and current density decrease in parallel configuration, but current density increases in anti-parallel configuration with roughness.
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  • calculation 计算
  • function 函数
  • method 方法
  • roughness 粗糙度
  • based 基于