Strong suppression of impurity accumulation in steady-state hydrogen discharges with high power NBI heating on LHD
作者: Y. NakamuraN. TamuraM. YoshinumaC. SuzukiS. YoshimuraM. KobayashiM. YokoyamaM. NunamiM. NakataK. NagaokaK. TanakaB.J. PetersonK. IdaM. OsakabeT. Morisakithe LHD Experiment Group
作者单位: 1National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Toki, Japan
2SOKENDAI (Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Toki, Japan
刊名: Nuclear Fusion, 2017, Vol.57 (5)
来源数据库: Institute of Physics Journal
DOI: 10.1088/1741-4326/aa6187
原始语种摘要: Strong suppression of impurity accumulation is observed in long pulse hydrogen discharges with high power NBI (neutral beam injection) heating ( P nbi > 10 MW) on the large helical device (LHD), even in the impurity accumulation window where the intrinsic impurities such as Fe and C are always accumulated into the plasma core. Density scan experiments in these discharges demonstrate to vanish the window and a new operational regime without impurity accumulation is found in steady state hydrogen discharges. Impurity pinch decreases with increasing ion temperature gradient and carbon Mach number. The peaking of the measured carbon profiles shows strong anti-correlations with the Mach number and its radial gradient. An external torque has a big impact on impurity transport and...
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  • impurity 杂质
  • heating 加热
  • accumulation 堆积
  • suppression 抑制
  • hydrogen 
  • rotation 旋转
  • steady 稳定的
  • temperature 温度
  • state 状态
  • gradient 倾斜度