The Search for True Love in John Donne’s “The Extasie”
作者: Mohamemd Albalawi
刊名: Advances in Language and Literary Studies, 2017, Vol.8 (5), pp.9-11
来源数据库: Australian International Academic Centre PTY. LTD
关键词: John DonneThe ExtasiePlatonic LoveEcstasy
原始语种摘要: “The Extasie” is one of John Donne's most well known poems that demonstrate his distinctive understanding of love. Critics have argued over the interpretations of “The Extasie”. Some critics have conceived it as an expression of spiritual love and others looked at it as a satirical criticism. This paper attempts to show how “The Extasie” presents an example of great satirical poetry. The poem takes advocates of Platonic love in a mesmerizing journey when reading the first two-thirds of the poem. Ironically, the poem ends with a criticism of Platonisms who exclude the body from the notion of love.
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  • 说明 排除
  • spiritual 精神上的
  • reading 读出
  • journey 旅行
  • criticism 评论
  • understanding 理解
  • exclude 排除
  • demonstrate 排除
  • paper 
  • expression 表示
  • distinctive 区别的