Critical Visual Reading Skills of Students
作者: Zekerya BaturMurat BaşarHatice Nilüfer Süzen
刊名: International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies, 2019, Vol.7 (3), pp.38-48
来源数据库: Australian International Academic Centre PTY. LTD
关键词: ReadingCritical ReadingVisual ReadingStudent
原始语种摘要: Mother tongue education is accomplished with four basic language skills. These skills are listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. One of the basic skills that increase the vocabulary of the individual is the reading skill. Understanding and comprehension are important in this skill. Understanding of reading is a complicated process. There are many factors that affect the meaning of this process. The content of the text, such as the type and the punctuation, also affect the meaning. Visual reading has understanding qualities like text reading. Therefore, visual reading and visual comprehension also carry a textual characteristic. Accordingly, readers are expected to interpret the visuals with a critical approach in order to capture the details of the visuals. The purpose of this...
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  • Reading 读出
  • reading 读出
  • comprehension 理解力
  • listening 截装
  • vocabulary 词汇
  • interpret 说明
  • punctuation 点标点
  • skill 熟练
  • textual 原文的
  • critical 临界的