Post harvest Calcium treatments Extend the Storage life of Pear fruits under Low temperature storage
作者: P.P.S. GillS.K. JawandhaA.K. SangwanNav Prem SinghN. Kaur
刊名: Vegetos- An International Journal of Plant Research, 2017, Vol.30 (special), pp.180-184
DOI: 10.5958/2229-4473.2017.00055.6
关键词: Pearcalcium chloridefruit firmnessTSSacidity
原始语种摘要: The effect of calcium chloride treatments on storage quality of pear cv. Punjab Soft under low temperature storage was investigated. Fruits were given post harvest dip in aqueous solution of CaCl2 (0, 2, 4%) for five minutes and subsequently stored at 0–1°C and 90–95% RH. The effectiveness of treatments on fruits was assessed by analyzing physiological loss in weight, fruit firmness, soluble solids content, titratable acidity, sensory quality after the interval of 30, 45, 60 and 70 days of storage. It was observed that calcium treatments effectively reduced weight loss of fruits, and maintained fruit firmness, juice acidity and sensory quality of fruits during storage. However, CaCl2 @ 2% treatment was most effective in maintaining fruit quality of the fruits at the...
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  • fruits 成果
  • quality 品质
  • effective 有效的
  • storage 蓄水量
  • temperature 温度
  • weight 
  • aqueous 水的
  • relationship 关系
  • interval 区间
  • treatment 处理