Assessment of Combining Ability for Yield and Quality Components in Hot Pepper ( Capsicum annuum L)
作者: N RohiniV Lakshmanan
刊名: Vegetos- An International Journal of Plant Research, 2017, Vol.30 (3), pp.55-62
DOI: 10.5958/2229-4473.2017.00146.X
关键词: Hot pepperCombining abilityGrowthCapsaicinDry yieldQuality
原始语种摘要: Six parental genotypes and their thirty F1 hybrids in a full diallel cross system with reciprocals, were used in the present study to estimate combining ability for quantitative and qualitative traits in hot pepper. The experiment was conducted at Department of Vegetable Crops, Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Periyakulam, India during 20132015. The mean sum of squares due to gca , sca and rca were significant for all the characters which suggested that these parents could have performed differently in different combinations indicating the interallelic interactions. All the traits studied exhibited greater SCA variance than GCA , suggesting that these traits are controlled by non-additive gene action. Analyzing the gca effects of...
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  • parents 亲本
  • diallel 双列的
  • indicating 指示
  • pepper 胡椒
  • conducted 有陪同的
  • lines 线型
  • quantitative 量的
  • yield 成品率
  • parental 父母
  • hybrid 杂种