Evaluation of Narcissus Genotypes under Karewa Condition of Kashmir Himalaya
作者: R KumarOC Sharma
刊名: Vegetos- An International Journal of Plant Research, 2017, Vol.30 (4), pp.86-91
来源数据库: Indianjournals.com
DOI: 10.5958/2229–4473.2017.00196.3
关键词: NarcissusGenotypesCut flowerBlooming periodPropagation coefficient
原始语种摘要: An investigation was carried out to evaluate eighteen genotypes of narcissus for quality cut flower and bulb production under Kashmir Himalaya condition. Wide range of variation among the 18 genotypes of narcissus was recorded with respect to vegetative, flower, bulb production attributes. Genotype CITH-NS-3 gave maximum plant height (34.37 cm) and leaf length (29.13 cm). Highest number of leaves per plant (12.33) was recorded in CITH-NS-6 followed by CITH-NS-3 (11.79). Flower scape length was found maximum in CITH-NS-3 (32.34 cm) which was at par with CITH-NS-1 (30.50 cm). Flower number per plant varies from 1.00 to 8.00 in different genotype. Flower size was recorded highest in CITH-NS-15 (9.69 cm) which was at par with CITH-NS-10 (9.37 cm), CITH-NS-11 (9.31 cm) and CITH-NS-1 (9.22 cm)....
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  • Narcissus 水仙属
  • narcissus 水仙
  • Kashmir 开士米
  • vegetative 营养的
  • flower 
  • maximum 最大值
  • plant 植物
  • coefficient 系数
  • genotype 属型
  • floral 花的