Is nursing preceptor behavior changed by attending a preceptor class?
作者: Pamela G. SanfordPhyllis Hart Tipton
作者单位: 1From Baylor Scott & White Health, Temple, Texas.
刊名: Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings, 2016, Vol.29 (3), pp.277-279
来源数据库: Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings
英文摘要: Nursing preceptors initiate new staff to the professional environment. To be successful, preceptors must be willing and knowledgeable in their role, both clinically and as an instructor. This study evaluated the effects of a 4-hour preceptor class to change preceptor behavior. Twenty-seven class participants commented on the class and their goals, and 18 completed a follow-up survey 2 months later. Among those 18, 90% had achieved at least one of their goals. One barrier to achieving planned changes was having the opportunity to precept over the time period. Participants indicated that improved listening skills, application of content, and team building all supported their improvement as a preceptor.
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  • preceptor 教师
  • nursing 护理
  • changed 有变化的
  • class 
  • behavior 行为