Socio-Economic Status and Current Business Situation of Cane Based Furniture Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study
作者: Md Kamrul Hasan Nayeema Maswood Neela
刊名: Journal of Business and Technology (Dhaka), 2015, Vol.Volume 10 (Issue 1)
来源数据库: Journal of Business and Technology
关键词: Cane enterprisesCane furnitureFamily businessSale and profitBSCICS.C.C area
原始语种摘要: Cane based furniture business is one of the least researched areas in Bangladesh. The purpose of the present study is to appraise socio-economic conditions and business policy of cane based furniture in the study area of Sylhet city, Bangladesh. The study reveals that 57% of cane furniture enterprises is small, 36% is medium and 7% is large in size. The average investment, production and profit range around Tk. 2, 80,000, Tk. 2,21,916 and Tk. 22,500 respectively per enterprise. Sofa, chair and rocking chair are the most demanded and profitable items. The study also reveals that 51% of entrepreneurs are suffering from shortage of capital and raw materials, whereas 35% are suffering from unskilled labor and adequate transportation facilities. High price due to high cost, low demand, archaic...
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  • promotional 促进
  • demand 需用电力
  • furniture 家具
  • profitable 有利的
  • enterprise 企业
  • appraise 评价
  • institutional 惯例的
  • country 地方
  • capital 首都
  • economic 经济的