Customers’ Attitude towards E-commerce in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study on Some Selected B2C E-commerce Sites
作者: Bulbul Ahamed SM Monirul Islam Kismat Qaom
刊名: Journal of Business and Technology (Dhaka), 2015, Vol.Volume 10 (Issue 1)
来源数据库: Journal of Business and Technology
关键词: B2C e-commerceAttitudeBeliefEvaluation
原始语种摘要: This study aims at identifying salient attributes of e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. The study tries to assess the perception of customers about the performance of major-e-commerce sites on those attributes. Eighteen potential attributes are preliminarily selected, and after conducting a pre-test on 50 sample respondents eleven salient attributes are selected for the study. Finally 108 respondents are taken as the study sample. Mertin Fishbein’s multi-attribute attitude models adopted to measure the customers’ attitude. Respondents were asked their belief and evaluation towards some B2C ecommerce sites. The benchmark of positive belief is hypothesized as 4 in a 5 point scale. The significance of the difference between observed mean of customers’ belief and the predetermined benchmark is...
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  • 基准点 统计量
  • commerce 商务
  • towards 朝向
  • industry 工业
  • statistic 统计量
  • benchmark 统计量
  • salient 扇形地背斜轴
  • tailed 带尾翼的
  • predetermined 修]预定[置
  • selected 被选