Erysipelas Revealing a Cook’s Syndrome
作者: K. AchehbouneH. BaybayN. AqilR. ChaouiZ. DouhiS. GalloujF.Z. Mernissi
刊名: International Journal of Clinical Dermatology & Research (IJCDR), 2019, Vol.7 (302)
来源数据库: SciDoc Publishers
DOI: 10.19070/2332-2977-1900051
关键词: ErysipelasGénodermatosisCook’s Syndrome.
原始语种摘要: Cook's syndrome (CS) is a rare disease, described for the first time by cooks and all. It is characterized by the association of anonychia and/or congenital onychodystrophy, hypoplasia and/or the absence of distal phalanges of the hands and feet and a bradydactyly of the fingers with digitalization of the thumb. We report the case of a patient with congenital anonychia with left foot bradydactilia, which is probably a variant of CS.
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  • congenital 先天的
  • hypoplasia 发育不全
  • absence 缺席
  • phalanges 指骨
  • fingers 指粒
  • distal 远侧的
  • variant 变体
  • digitalization 洋地黄化
  • report 通报
  • hands 水手