Do Ophthalmologists in India Over Prescribing Topical Antibiotics in Acute Infectious Conjunctivitis?
作者: Kauser HGarg R
刊名: International Journal of Ophthalmology & Eye Science (IJOES), 2019, Vol.7 (201)
来源数据库: SciDoc Publishers
DOI: 10.19070/2332-290X-1900081
关键词: Acute ConjunctivitisAntibiotic ResistanceViral ConjunctivitisAntibiotic OveruseBacterial Conjunctivitis.
原始语种摘要: Purpose: To assess the prescribing trends of topical antibiotics for acute infectious conjunctivitis among Ophthalmologists in India and to analyze whether they are using them appropriately or not. Design: Ophthalmologists from various states in India were surveyed by mail using a questionnaire on antibiotic use in acute infective conjunctivitis. Methods: Two hundred fifty ophthalmologists from different parts of India were given printed questionnaire via email. Only 75 responded to the mail. Results of categorical variables were recorded as counts and percentages. Result: The commonest indication for prescribing topical antibiotics was infective conjunctivitis. The most commonly prescribed topical antibiotic was moxifloxacin (65%). The frequency of instillation was 4 times a day by...
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  • antibiotic 抗生素
  • conjunctivitis 结膜炎
  • bacterial 细菌的
  • infective 传染性的
  • instillation 滴注
  • knowledge 知识
  • viral 病毒性的
  • questionnaire 甸表
  • advised 劝告
  • majority 多数