Are trichobothria used in terrestrial prey capture by the yellow scorpion Tityus serrulatus Lutz & Mello, 1922 (Buthidae)?
作者: Gabriel Pimenta Murayama Rodrigo Hirata Willemart
刊名: Arachnology, 2019, Vol.18 (3)
来源数据库: British Arachnological Society
关键词: Capture successFiliform hairForagingSensory ecologyVibration
原始语种摘要: Many arachnids rely on substrate-borne vibrations and air displacement to detect prey. Air-flow stimuli may be detected by long setae called trichobothria, which occur on scorpion pedipalps, but seldom have their functions been addressed in these animals. We tested the hypothesis that trichobothria on scorpion pedipalps are important for capturing terrestrial prey in the scorpion Tityus serrulatus. We predicted that scorpions with trichobothria experimentally removed would be less successful in capturing terrestrial prey than the control groups. We also predicted that scorpions without trichobothria would have a higher number of capture attempts, that the latency to detect prey and to the first capture attempts would be higher, and the number of times that scorpions oriented their body...
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  • trichobothria 毛点
  • scorpion 虫歇
  • capture 捕获
  • basitarsal 基跗节的
  • detect 探测
  • organs 男生殖器
  • hypothesis 假说
  • terrestrial 地上的
  • would 
  • higher