Guerrilla Girlhood Glitter Guild: Researching hidden hoards of tween treasures
作者: Courtney Lee Weida Carlee A. Bradbury Karie Edwards
刊名: Visual Culture & Gender, 2013, Vol.8
来源数据库: Visual Culture & Gender
关键词: gendervisual culturegirlhood studiesmaterial culture
原始语种摘要: Inspired by the recently-discovered Staffordshire Hoard treasures from medieval times, a group of three researchers called the Guerilla Girlhood Guild created a contemporary “tween” hoard of personal possessions, installations, photographs of objects (e.g., cell phones, jewelry, toys), speculative historical documents, and social networking artifacts. In this speculative narrative, my colleagues and I write from the perspectives of archeologists living in 2013, who discovered the tween artifacts from circa 2113. This inquiry illuminates contemporary issues of girl culture, bullying, and iconicity of girlhood material culture. The guild members and specialties include: myself, an art educator interested in gender and adolescent visual culture, a medievalist art historian and gender studies...
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  • possessions 领地
  • treasure 宝贝
  • myself 我自己
  • tween 吐温
  • speculative 推测性
  • specialties 特种产品
  • scholar 学者
  • historian 历史学家
  • artist 能手
  • material 充填料