The Role of Cardiopulmonary Bypass on the Early Postoperative IgG levels, Effect on the Postoperative Outcome in Cardiac Surgery Patients - A Pilot Study
作者: Panagiotis ArtemiouStefania MizakovaStefan LukacinIoannis Pashalidis
刊名: Cardiovascular Journal, 2015, Vol.7 (2), pp.79-84
来源数据库: Cardiovascular Journal
DOI: 10.3329/cardio.v7i2.22247
关键词: Postoperative complicationsImmunoglobulin GCardiopulmonary bypassCardiac surgery
原始语种摘要: Objective: This study tried to elucidate the role of the cardiopulmonary bypass on the early postoperative immunoglobulin G levels and any probable effects on the postoperative outcome of the patients. Methods: 99 consecutive patients were studied. The evening after surgery the level of the immunoglobulin G was obtained. The postoperative course of each patient during the first three days was followed. One way ANOVA was used for statistical analysis. Results: 20 (20.2%) patients had decreased early postoperative immunoglobulin G levels. 87 (87.87%) patients were operated with cardiopulmonary bypass and 17 (19.54%) of them had lower levels of postoperative immunoglobulin G without any significantly increased clinically adverse events. The statistical analysis between the two groups...
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  • postoperative 手术后的
  • immunoglobulin 免疫球蛋白
  • bypass 旁路
  • prophylactic 预防性的
  • adverse 逆的
  • sternal 腹板的
  • tried 试验
  • opinion 意见
  • cardio 
  • events 定时