A Method of Isolation of Capparisterol from Capparis decidua and Antinephrolithiasis Activity
作者: Deepak GodaraVichitra KaushikGaurav SharmaVipin Saini
刊名: Open Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery, 2015, Vol.3 (1), pp.86-94
来源数据库: Pubicon International Publications
原始语种摘要: A kidney stone is similar to formation of calculi in kidney. It forms when chemicals in the body aggregate together. A stone may stay in the kidney or travel through the urinary system. Very small stones may pass through the urinary system without causing much pain. Larger stones can block the flow of urine if they get stuck in the ureters or urethra.The study was undertaken to investigate the anti nephrolithiasis activity of capparisterol. Capparisterol is administered by intra peritoneal route in 35 mg/kg and 70 mg/kg doses. In preventive regimen capparisterol 70 mg/kg (73.73% relief) show greater creatinine clearance then standard drug cystone 750 mg/kg and in curative regimen capparisterol 70 mg/kg (114.18% relief) has greater effect then cystone (97.45% relief). Test drug show dose...
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  • relief 地势
  • decidua 蜕膜
  • urethra 尿道
  • calculi 计算法
  • urinary 尿的
  • effect 效应
  • kidney 肾脏
  • creatinine 肌酸酐
  • regimen 生活制度
  • peritoneal 腹膜的