Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System-A Concise Review on its Conventional and Novel Approaches
作者: Kunal AroraSumita SinghLovely Chaurasia
作者单位: 1Department of Pharmaceutics, Kharvel Subharti College of Pharmacy, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut (U.P.)-250005. kunalarora.2009@rediffmail.com
刊名: Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2019, pp.263-269
来源数据库: Empro Publications
原始语种摘要: The main aim of this review is to focus on the various kinds of approaches which are used in ophthalmic drug delivery. Ophthalmic drug delivery system is used to treat various conditions associated with eye. The main purpose of a formulation designer is to formulate an eye formulation which could reside in the eye in an optimum concentration and for a proper duration for its proper effect. The main problem seen in the conventional dosage forms is their poor bioavailability due to fast precorneal drug loss primarily due to nasolacrimal drainage. The residence time of conventional formulations is also very less in the eye resulting into minimal advantages. In order to combat all these problems, now days the pharmaceutical scientists are very much involved in the research towards the novel...
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  • ophthalmic 眼的
  • nasolacrimal 鼻泪的
  • formulation 配方
  • conventional 常规
  • delivery 移交
  • proper 合适的
  • formulate 公式化
  • novel 长篇小说
  • concentration 浓度
  • various 千变万化的