Hepatoprotective Activity of Ficus religiosa Leaf Extract in Rats
作者: Archna SelvanVivek Chourasia
作者单位: 1RKDF College of Nursing, Bhopal (MP), India. vivekchourasiapharma@gmail.com
刊名: Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2017, pp.64-68
来源数据库: Empro Publications
原始语种摘要: Ficus religiosa was investigated for its possible protective effect against paracetamol and CCl4-induced hepatic damage. IV administration of a sub-lethal dose of paracetamol (500 mg/kg) produced liver damage in rats as manifested by the rise in serum level of transaminases (AST and ALT). Ttreatment of rats with Ficus religiosa(200 mg/kg) prevented the paracetamol-induced rise in serum enzymes. The hepatotoxic dose of CCl4 (1.5 ml/kg; orally) also raised the serum AST and ALT levels. The same dose of Ficus religiosa(200 mg/kg) was able to prevent the CCl4-induced rise in serum enzymes. These results indicate that Ficus religiosa possesses hepatoprotective activity.
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  • paracetamol 4乙酰氨基酚
  • induced 感应的
  • hepatotoxic 肝毒性的
  • enzymes 酶类
  • against 反对
  • administration 管理
  • lethal 致死
  • raised 提升
  • serum 血清
  • liver