Rapid Determination of Trace Potassium in Drinks and Serum by Rayleigh Light Scattering Technique
作者: 蔣新宇(Xin-Yu Jiang)陳曉青(Xiao-Qing Chen)徐明(Ming Xu)
刊名: 藥物食品分析, 2007, Vol.15 (2), pp.178-184
来源数据库: Airiti Inc.
关键词: Rayleigh light scatteringTetraphenylborion sodiumPotassiumDrinks and serumDetermination
原始语种摘要: In this paper, a sensitive, rapid and selective method based on Rayleigh light scattering technique (RLS) was proposed for the determination of potassium using a conventional spectrofluorometer. Potassium was transformed to KB(C6H5)4 particles, which displayed intense light scattering in aqueous solutions. Effects of factors such as wavelength, acidity, ionic strength and coexistent interferents on the RLS of B(C6H5)4-K were investigated. The RLS intensity of the KB(C6H5)4 suspension was obtained in NaAc solution (0.50 M, pH = 8.0) and the addition of 0.5 mL of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (5.05 μM) and 1.0 mL of tetraphenylborion sodium (1.0%). The Rayleigh scattering light intensity at the maximum peak of 567 nm was proportional to the concentration of potassium ion in the range of...
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  • Rayleigh 瑞利
  • solution 溶液
  • range 射程
  • aqueous 水的
  • feasibility 可行性
  • potassium 
  • sodium 
  • recovery 回收
  • light 
  • suspension 悬移