Strength of the Shoulder Rotators in Second-League Volleyball Players
作者: Aneta PopieluchMichał StaniszewskiMichał Wychowański
作者单位: 11Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Faculty of Physical Education, Department of Anatomy and Sport Medicine
22Department of Water and Winter Sports
33Faculty of Rehabilitation, Department of Biomechanics
刊名: Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, 2015, Vol.22 (4), pp.215-218
来源数据库: De Gruyter Journal
DOI: 10.1515/pjst-2015-0028
关键词: volleyballshoulder complexshoulder rotator torque
原始语种摘要: Abstract Introduction. The main aim of the study was to assess the strength of the shoulder rotator muscles of a group of second-league volleyball players. These muscles are assumed to have a crucial impact on attack effectiveness in volleyball. Strength was assessed based on peak torque values obtained for the rotator muscles measured using the maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) method. Torque was measured in both limbs and the differences between the two limbs were examined. The torque values obtained for the volleyball players were also compared against those measured in a group of students who had never trained any sports. Material and methods. The study involved 20 students (mean age = 20 ± 1 years) who played in the second league when the study was conducted. Their results were...
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  • values 价值观
  • volleyball 排球
  • higher 
  • vertical 垂线
  • muscles 筋肉
  • impact 冲击碰撞
  • shoulder 肩膀儿
  • rotator 转子
  • dominant 优势的
  • limbs