Polarization spatial heterodyne interferometer: model and calibration
作者: Michael W. KudenovMatthew N. MiskiewiczMichael J. EscutiJames F. Coward
作者单位: 1North Carolina State University
2SA Photonics
刊名: Optical Engineering, 2014, Vol.53 (4), pp.044104-044104
来源数据库: SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering
DOI: 10.1117/1.OE.53.4.044104
关键词: interferometrypolarizationbirefringenceheterodyningspectrometers
原始语种摘要: Spatial heterodyne interferometry (SHI) is a technique based on Fourier transform spectroscopy. As such, many of the benefits, such as high spectral resolving power, can be realized. Furthermore, unlike a Fourier transform spectrometer, an SHI is able to minimize the number of required samples for a given resolving power and spectral range. The calibration and detailed modeling of a polarization spatial heterodyne interferometer (PSHI) are detailed. Unlike our original first-order ray tracing model, the new model is based on the Jones matrix formalism. Using this improved model, we explore the nonideal aspects of the PSHI, including interference effects caused by retardance errors in the polarization grating and quarter wave plate. To minimize the influence of these errors, a calibration...
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  • heterodyne 外差振荡器
  • interferometer 干扰仪
  • calibration 校准
  • spatial 空间的
  • minimize 最小化
  • model 模型
  • retardance 迟缓
  • interferometry 干涉量度法
  • spectral 谱的
  • procedure 手续