The specifics of the illegal drug trafficking in Kosovo
作者: Azem HajdariAlbulena Hajdari
刊名: Collected papers of the faculty law in Split, 2020, Vol.57 (1), pp.239-261
来源数据库: Faculty of Law University of Split Croatia
关键词: TraffickingNarcoticsCourtPerpetratorPunishment
原始语种摘要: Object of handling in this scientific paper are criminal offences of narcotics trafficking in the Republic of Kosovo. According to data included in this paper the trafficking of narcotics constitutes a concerning phenomenon. The concern about this type of criminality is linked to a relatively high degree of their presence in Kosovo society. The research shed light about the fact that Kosovo is an important link for international drug traffickers. All this, due to geographic position of country because of the fact that in Kosovo there are over 25,000 drug users, but likewise because of the fact that over last two decades there has been a trend of continuous growth of drug process cultivation. Criminal offences of narcotics trafficking manifest numerous individual, family and social...
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  • narcotics 毒品
  • criminal 刑事
  • paper 
  • specifics 详细说明书
  • scientific 科学
  • numerous 许多的
  • international 国际的
  • geographic 地理的
  • likewise 同样
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