Increased Corneal Toricity after Long-Term Orthokeratology Lens Wear
作者: Zhi ChenJiaqi ZhouFeng XueXingtao ZhouXiaomei QuJesús Pintor
作者单位: 1Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science, Eye and ENT Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2NHC Key Laboratory of Myopia, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
3Laboratory of Myopia, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shanghai, China
刊名: Journal of Ophthalmology, 2018, Vol.2018
来源数据库: Hindawi Journal
DOI: 10.1155/2018/7106028
原始语种摘要: Purpose . To investigate the change in corneal toricity and associated refractive astigmatism after discontinuation of long-term orthokeratology (ortho-k) lens wear. Methods . This study investigated 136 subjects aged between 6 and 14 (9.1 ± 1.5) years old at the commencement of ortho-k treatment, who had been undergoing overnight ortho-k treatment for 24 to 72 (37.4 ± 11.9) months. Corneal refractive power and manifest refraction were measured and compared before ortho-k and 1 month after discontinuation of ortho-k lens wear. Changes in corneal curvature were analyzed. Corneal curvature data from a historical longitudinal study were used as control. Results . Compared to pre-ortho-k values, the corneal curvature became significantly flatter in the flatter meridian (−0.22 ± 0.27 D, P <...
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  • ortho 垂直
  • corneal 角膜的
  • astigmatism 像散现象
  • meridian 子午线
  • spectacle 景象
  • curvature 曲率
  • refractive 折射率
  • flatter 扁条拉模
  • refraction 折射
  • treatment 处理