Thoracic mediastinal Chordoma an atypical location – Mimicking as Adenocarcinoma
作者: Sam SupreethSang-Il KimWoong-Ki JeonHyung-Youl ParkJi Hoon BahkChan Kwon JungSeok-Hwan MoonYoung-Hoon Kim
刊名: International Journal of Case Reports, 2020, Vol.4
来源数据库: eScience Publisher
DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2019-12-2105
关键词: Thoracic mediastinal ChordomaAtypical locationMimicking as Adenocarcinoma
原始语种摘要: Background: Chordoma, a rare tumor accounting for less than 4% of primary bone tumors of which incidence of thoracic chordoma is 2-5%. Describing an incidental diagnosis of chordoma in a posterior mediastinal mass. Case description: An asymptomatic 52year lady with an incidental posterior mediastinal mass was diagnosed Adenocarcinoma on endoscopic biopsy of the oesophagus. Nonresponsiveness to chemoradiotherapy warranted en-bloc resection with VATS- assisted thoracotomy which turned to be a Chordoma. Conclusion: We report this atypical presentation of chordoma mimicking as adenocarcinoma with literature review — a unique learning experience.
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  • mediastinal 纵隔的
  • atypical 非典型的
  • chordoma 脊琐
  • adenocarcinoma 腺癌
  • oesophagus 食管
  • resection 后方交会
  • thoracotomy 胸廓切开术
  • location 定位
  • posterior 修]后面[端;验
  • literature 文献