Reflections on Social Psychology while reading Hannah Arendt
作者: Richard E. MorehousePh.D.
刊名: International Journal of Psychological Research and Reviews, 2020, Vol.3
来源数据库: eScience Publisher
DOI: 10.28933/ijprr-2019-01-0705
关键词: ReflectionsSocial PsychologyHannah Arendt
原始语种摘要: Two recent articles in the American Psychologist (Vol 74, no. 7, 2019) on the Stanford Prison Experiment induced me to re-read Hannah Arendt’s The Human Condition (1958), On Totalitarianism (1973). and Eichmann in Jerusalem (Arendt and Kroh, 1964). This re-reading and reflection deepened my understanding of the value and role of social psychology and Arendt’s deep understanding of human speech and action as it relates to the Human Sciences and understanding our role in the social and political world. The review includes an experiment by Arthur Asch on “Opinion and social pressure” published in 1955 and then looks at Stanley Milgram’s experiment on obedience published in 1963. The review of these articles provides a context for looking at Philip Zimbardo’s Sanford Prison Experiment (1973)...
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  • reading 读出
  • critique 讲评
  • understanding 理解
  • political 政治
  • social 群居的
  • deepening 向下侵蚀
  • review 复审
  • psychology 心理学
  • integrating 集成
  • articles 用品