It’s Powerful, Legitimate, and Urgent, but Is It Equitable? Stakeholder Claims Within the Attributes of Stakeholder Salience in Sport
作者: HumlHambrickHumsNite
刊名: Journal of Sport Management, 2017, Vol.32 (3), pp.243-256
来源数据库: Human Kinetics
关键词: Athletic administrationCollege sportsStakeholder theory
原始语种摘要: Managers must collect and prioritize claims made by their stakeholders as they decide the direction of their organization. Previous research has focused on stakeholders’ use of power, legitimacy, and urgency to prioritize their claims over others. Fewer studies have examined the perspectives of stakeholders and how they aligned their responses with elements of stakeholder theory in the hopes of gaining salience with management. Additionally, scholars have requested further examination of other themes beyond the established categories of stakeholder salience. This study aimed to investigate how stakeholders would respond with power, legitimacy, and urgency-related claims when faced with changes to their organization’s governing structure. We utilized stakeholder theory and the established...
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  • stakeholder 赌金保管者
  • administration 管理
  • claims 赔偿金
  • legitimacy 合法性
  • their 他们的
  • prioritize 列入优先
  • organization 组织
  • faced 面向的
  • sports 运动
  • decide 决定