Electrochemical Production of Hydrogen in Fermented Flour by Stainless Steel Electrode
作者: Isana Supiah Yosephine Louise SuyantaEndang W. Laksono
刊名: Asian Journal of Chemistry, 2020, Vol.32 (4)
来源数据库: Asian Journal of Chemistry
DOI: 10.14233/ajchem.2020.22431
关键词: Hydrogen gasStainless SteelFermented flourElectrolysis.
原始语种摘要: Hydrogen gas production with an electrochemical method requires more energy. This research aimed to determine the efficiency of the electrolysis process in product and energy consumptions using stainless steel as a working electrode and various concentration of the fermented flour as the media. The fermented flour was prepared by fermentation of Manihot utilissima with Monascus sp. and characterized by infrared spectroscopy. The stainless steel was characterized by voltammetry, SEM-EDX, XRD and gas sorption analyzer. The results showed that stainless steel activity was decreased in the fermented flour because the surface of stainless steel was being covered. Moreover, addition of 0-2 g/L water fermented flour had relatively similar stainless steel activity. The cathodic current peaks were...
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  • stainless 不锈的
  • steel 
  • fermented 发了酵的
  • relatively 比较
  • flour 
  • concentration 浓度
  • activity 活度
  • production 生产
  • cathodic 阴极的
  • electrode 电极