Prevalence of Hypovitaminosis D in Patients Visiting a Tertiary Care Center in Chitwan, Nepal
作者: Kushal BhattaraiNilu ManandharSarita Dhakal
作者单位: 1College of Medical Sciences and Teaching Hospital, Bharatpur Chitwan, Nepal
刊名: Journal of College of Medical Sciences-Nepal, 2019, Vol.15 (2), pp.84-92
来源数据库: Journal of College of Medical Science
DOI: 10.3126/jcmsn.v15i2.23483
原始语种摘要: Background: As documented by a large body of evidences, Hypovitaminosis D prevails both in the general and the hospitalized populations. We conducted this study to determine the prevalence of hypovitaminosis D amongst the patients visiting a tertiary care hospital and compare the rate gender-wise, across different categories of socio-demographic variables.Methods: It was a cross-sectional study (retrospective chart review) based on the hospital registry of patients at College of Medical Sciences and Teaching Hospital, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal. From the registry, we retrieved the socio-demographic variables (age, gender, ethnicity and season) along with serum vitamin D (25-hydroxy-cholecalciferol) concentrations of the study subjects from January 2015 to August 2018, for our analysis....
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  • prevalence 传播
  • registry 注册
  • insufficiency 机能不全
  • vitamin 维生素
  • demographic 人口统计的
  • hospital 医院
  • Nepal 尼泊尔
  • gender 性别
  • variables 变量
  • quartile 四分位