A Review of Challenges and Opportunities of PAK-CHINA Economic Corridor
作者: Azam, AnamRafiq, MuhammadNazir, FauziaNazir, SophiaNazir, Shazia
刊名: International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Works, 2016, Vol.3 (3), pp.38-48
来源数据库: Kambohwell Publisher Enterprises
关键词: International TradeEconomic growthSpecialEconomic ZonesGawaderRailwaysEconomic Corridor.
原始语种摘要: —The research is based on a review of challenges and opprotunities of Pak-China Economic Coridor. In 2013, PCEC was signed between two countries. China announced to provide $46 billion investment for the development of PCEC. The main purpose of this study was to exmine the challenges and opprotunities of PCEC. Pakistan and China have strong socioeconomic relationship with each other. The study shows that there is a significant relationsbetween two countries. It isanalysedin this research that both nations can get benefit from this project.China is a less-developed country and also developing most rapidly, it is sure that its economy will boost in next coming years.This project would be benefit for Pakistan to improve energy crises and increase the volume of trade in future.
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  • crises 危机
  • China 中国
  • country 地方
  • CHINA Computerized HIghway Noise Analyst
  • economy 经济
  • Pakistan 巴基斯坦
  • socioeconomic 社会经济学
  • purpose 目的
  • trade 买卖
  • research