Intersection of Labour and Employment Market in Private Further and Higher Education Colleges in the United Kingdom
作者: Rumana Huq LuvaRakib Ullah JaforMohammad Jasim UddinShehnaz Tehseen
刊名: International Journal of Entrepreneurship, 2018, Vol.22 (2)
来源数据库: Allied Business Academies
关键词: Nonstandard WorkAcademicsPrivate and Further Education Colleges in the UK
原始语种摘要: While past literature identified that the unskilled workers tend to accept nonstandard works, the literature has not explained adequately the reasons for accepting nonstandard work by highly skilled academics. This study addresses this literature gap by examining various reasons for accepting non-standard work by academics in private further and higher education colleges in the United Kingdom. Based on self-determination motivation theory, the study categorizes different reasons according to push factors and pull factors where push factors are the controlled choices and pull factors are autonomous choices. A mixed methodology is employed in this study. The quantitative data are utilized to draw the trends and patterns of non-standard work in this context, where the qualitative data are...
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  • nonstandard 非标准的
  • pull 样张
  • employment 雇用
  • wages 工资
  • methodology 方法学
  • sector 
  • security 可靠性
  • control 控制
  • unskilled 不熟练的
  • accepting 接受