Infertility: An Emerging Public Health Issue in Nepal
作者: Madhav GautamPrabodh Risal
作者单位: 1Kantipur Dental College, Basundhara, Kathmandu
2Department of Biochemistry, Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Dhulikhel, Kavre
刊名: Annals of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 2018, Vol.3 (1), pp.1-2
来源数据库: Annals of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
DOI: 10.3126/acclm.v3i1.17717
关键词: InfertilityLifestyle factorsPesticides exposure
原始语种摘要: Infertility is one of the major health care problems worldwide, including Nepal. An increasing trend of infertility has been noticed recently in Nepal however, exact prevalence rate is still unknown. Male and female factors, lifestyle factors and pesticides exposures are the main causes of infertility. In Nepal, particulary migration of fertile age group abroad for job and its consequences may be the main causes of infertility. Due to lack of knowlege regarding the prevalnce and exact causes of infertility in Nepal, nationwide study is required.
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  • infertility 不育
  • Nepal 尼泊尔
  • fertile 肥沃的
  • causes 白内障的原因
  • nationwide 全国
  • regarding 涉及
  • unknown 不知道的
  • however 然而
  • including 包括(气导)包括……在内包括…在内
  • recently 近来