The Role of Light in Cucumber Plant Response to a Diurnal Short-Term Temperature Drop
作者: E.N. Ikkonen T.G. Shibaeva A.F. Titov
刊名: Журнал стресс-физиологии и биохимии, 2017, Vol.13 (2), pp.35-44
来源数据库: Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry
关键词: chillingshort-term temperature dropcucumber
原始语种摘要: In greenhouse production a temperature drop concept has become an important tool to control stem elongation of a number of ornamental plant species, bedding plants and vegetable transplants. This concept takes advantage of the fact that, in many species, plant stem elongation is sensitive to a short diurnal temperature drop in the morning or in the end of the night. Here, the role of light in cucumber plant ( Cucumis sativus L.) response to a diurnal temperature drop has been investigated. Plants were grown under relatively “low” (120 µmol m-2 s-1 PPFD) or “high” (320 µmol m-2 s-1 PPFD) light intensity. The effect of a 2 h temperature drop from 23° to 9°C, either in the end of the night (in darkness) or in the beginning of the day (in light) on...
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  • photosynthetic 光合的
  • temperature 温度
  • plant 植物
  • light 
  • cucumber 黄瓜
  • tolerant 容许
  • respiration 呼吸
  • elongation 伸长
  • darkness 黑暗
  • beginning 开头