The Usolye Hoard of Kufic Coins
作者: Gomzin A.A. Vorontsov M.V.
刊名: Поволжская Археология, 2019, Vol.30 (4)
来源数据库: Institute of Archaeology Tatarstan Academy of Science
关键词: ArchaeologyNumismaticsHoard of dirhamsKama river basinSamanidsBuwayhidsSocial and economic links
原始语种摘要: The paper introduces the hoard of kufic coins found in Usolye district of Perm region. The authors investigated 42 Samanid, Samanid governors of Andaraba, Simjurid, Buwayhid and Ka’usid of Tabaristan dirhams, exposed the common features and peculiarities of the find. All the coins of the hoard are listed, the most interesting and significant of them are commented separately. Their dynastic, geographic and chronological distributions are examined. 24 Buwayhid dirhams mainly minted in the South Caspian region are dominated in the hoard. The basis of the find consists of the coins issued in 373–379 AH (983–990 AD), they prevailed in the circulation before the moment of concealment. The features of the cronological distribution show the absense of the targeted accumulation. The year of...
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