The Fate of Living Being in the Course of Physical Time
作者: Prasenjit Debnath
刊名: Current Trends in Technology and Sciences, 2015, Vol.IV (I)
来源数据库: Current Trends in Technology and Sciences
关键词: Physical TimeContinuous Timediscrete TimeSpeedThe causalityParallel universe
原始语种摘要: Human being, as the most gifted living being in the world, has enough capability to unfold the mysteries of the Universe. Up to now, mostly for last 300 years, we unfolded many mysteries of nature as well as the Universe.
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  • capability 能力
  • unfold 展开
  • gifted 天才
  • being 
  • mostly 大部分
  • enough 充分的
  • years 年代
  • world 世界
  • nature 性质
  • well