"Development of Friction Free Controller for Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator Using FeedbackModulator and Disturbance Observer
作者: Sho Sakaino Toshiaki Tsuji
刊名: Inventi Impact - Robotics, 2017, Vol.2017
来源数据库: Inventi
原始语种摘要: Hydraulic actuators have high power-to-weight ratios, making them suitable for high-power robotic applications suchas in walking robots and construction machines. However, large frictional forces in hydraulic actuators, rotary hydraulicactuators in particular, degrade the control performance. To suppress frictional forces and increase robustnessagainst modeling errors, this study considered the integration of feedback modulators (with minimum control inputsexceeding static frictional forces) with disturbance observers. In the proposed controller, nonlinear static frictionalforces are suppressed by the feedback modulators and linear disturbances are suppressed by the disturbance observers.The validity was experimentally verified in this study.
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  • integration 集成
  • controller 控制器第器
  • static 静止的
  • walking 步行
  • suppressed 被抑制的
  • making 制定
  • modeling 制祝型
  • frictional 摩擦塑料
  • applications 应用程序
  • disturbance 扰乱