Performance Evaluation of PV Panel Under Dusty Condition
作者: Abhishek Kumar TripathiM. ArunaCh.S.N. Murthy
作者单位: 1National Institute of Technology Karanataka, India
刊名: International Journal of Renewable Energy Development, 2017, Vol.6 (3), pp.225-233
来源数据库: Center of Biomass and Renewable Energy, Diponegoro University
DOI: 10.14710/ijred.6.3.225-233
关键词: DustPhotovoltaicPower OutputShort circuit currentOpen circuit voltage
原始语种摘要: The performance of PV panel depends on the incoming sunlight on its surface. The accumulated airborne dust particles on panel surface creates a barrier in the path of sunlight and panel surface, which significantly reduces the amount of solar radiation falling on the panel surface. The present study shows a significant reduction in short circuit current and power output of PV panel due to dust deposition on its surface, whereas the reduction in open circuit voltage is not much prominent. This study has been carried in the field as well as in the laboratory. The reduction in maximum power output of PV panel for both the studies ensures a linear relation with the dust deposition on its surface. In the field study, the reduction in the power output due to 12.86gm of dust deposition on the...
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  • panel 
  • barrier 堡坝
  • reduction 减少
  • laboratory 实验室
  • deposition 沉积
  • sunlight 日光
  • short 短的
  • output 输出
  • whereas 鉴于
  • surface