Tolerance Tests of Alcaligenes faecalis BW1 Extract
作者: Ilham Zahir Abdellah Houari Mohammed Iraqui Saad Ibnsouda
刊名: British Microbiology Research Journal, 2014, Vol.4 (8)
来源数据库: SCIENCEDOMAIN international
DOI: 10.9734/BMRJ/2014/9715
关键词: Alcaligenes faecalis BW1 extracttolerance testsantimycobacterial effect.
原始语种摘要: Aims: To highlight whether metabolites of Alcaligenes faecalis BW1 extract can be administered orally for their possible antimycobacterial effects. Study Design: Study of the influence of certain parameters on the extract of Alcaligenes faecalis by using either discs or well diffusion methods against M. smegmatis. Place and duration of study: Laboratory of Microbial Biotechnology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences and Technical, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, BP 2202, Road of Immouzer, Fez, Morocco. From April to August, 2012. Methodology: The impact of acidic pH of gastric juice, bile, hydrogen peroxide, pancreatic enzymes and lysozyme on the antimycobacterial activity of Alcaligenes faecalis BW1 extract was evaluated by agar diffusion method. Detection whether or not...
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  • 溶菌酶 胰的
  • 胃的 提取
  • antitubercular 抗结核的
  • pancreatic 胰的
  • lysozyme 胰的
  • extract 提取
  • gastric 提取
  • gallbladder 胆囊
  • against 反对
  • whether 是否
  • peroxide 过氧化
  • Morocco 摩洛哥