A Method to Select Plus Tree for Flower Purpose in Forestry
作者: Phung Dinh TrungTran Duc ManhNguyen Toan ThangDang Van ThuyetDao Trung DucMai Thi LinhNguyen Van TuanNguyen Thi Thu PhuongNinh Viet KhuongTran Hoang QuyTran Cao NguyenDang Thi Hai HaVu Tien LamNguyen Huu ThinhHoang Thanh SonTrinh Ngoc BonHo Trung LuongLy Thi Thanh HuyenHoang Van ThanhVu Van ThuanTran Van Do
作者单位: 1Silviculture Research Institute, Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam.
2Centre for Applied Silviculture Research and Extension, Silviculture Research Institute, Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam.
刊名: Asian Journal of Research in Crop Science, 2019, pp.1-8
来源数据库: SCIENCEDOMAIN international
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcs/2019/v4i130063
关键词: Crown-area-based methodFlower productionGolden camelliaIndividual-based methodPopulation mean.
原始语种摘要: Plus tree selection is the first step to improve production and quality in forestry. An individual-based method is widely used to select plus trees for timber production, timber form, freedom from diseases and insects. In this study, a method to select plus trees for flower production is described and named as a crown-area-based method. Both individual-based and crown-area-based methods were used to select plus trees for Camellia impressinervis, a golden camellia; its yellow flowers have been used to treat sore throat and diarrhea, and to prevent cancers in China and Vietnam. Flower production of 21 concerned individuals was compared to the population mean and it was generated as a percentage. The population mean of the individual-based method is the mean of production of 21 trees as mean...
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  • production 生产
  • method 方法
  • ranking 级别
  • based 基于
  • individual 个体
  • flowers 
  • productive 生产的
  • percentage 百分数
  • select 选择
  • population 母体