The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and the water temperature of the Sava River in Serbia
作者: Milenković, MilanSavić, DraganWalker, DavidDedić, AleksandarDucić, Vladan
刊名: Journal of the Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijic", SASA, 2017, Vol.67 (2), pp.135-144
来源数据库: Geographical Institute ‘’Jovan Cvijic’’, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)
关键词: North Atlantic OscillationWater temperatureRiverSavaSerbia
原始语种摘要: The data on the water temperature of the Sava in Serbia (hydrologicalstations Šabac and Belgrade, period 1961-2015) were used for the research,as well as the data on the surface air temperature. The temperature trendswere determined and the significance (at p≤0.05 and p≤0.01) was establishedon the basis of the t-test. The Pearson correlation coefficient (R) was usedfor the calculation of the correlation. Increasing trends of the watertemperature of the Sava were recorded in all cases at both stations.However, in the case of the HS Šabac, the trends for 6 months(February-April and September-November) were not statistically significant.In the case of the HS Belgrade, all the calculations (except for April)showed statistically significant increasing trends, which can be explainedby...
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  • temperature 温度
  • Atlantic 在西洋的
  • water 
  • seasonal 季节性的
  • correlation 对比
  • anthropogenic 人为的
  • level 水准
  • values 价值观
  • February 二月
  • November 十一月