Polycyclic Spiro Lignans and Biphenyl Tetrahydrofuranone Lignans from Gymnotheca involucrata
作者: Shi-Ji XiaoDa-Le GuoBing XiaSarah AllenYu-Cheng GuFang ChenLi-Sheng DingYan Zhou
作者单位: 1Key Laboratory of Mountain Ecological Restoration and Bioresource Utilization, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu, P. R. China
2Syngenta Jealottʼs Hill International Research Centre, Berkshire, United Kingdom
3College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University, Chengdu, P. R. China
刊名: Planta Med, 2016, pp.-
来源数据库: Thieme Journal
DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-100915
关键词: Gymnotheca involucrataSaururaceaegymnothespirolignangymnothelignan
英文摘要: Four rare polycyclic spiro lignans (1–4) and four new biphenyl tetrahydrofuranone lignans (5–8) were isolated from the whole plant of Gymnotheca involucrata. The structures of the new compounds were elucidated on the basis of detailed spectroscopic analysis and the absolute configuration of 1 was confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Bioassay results showed that compounds 2 and 6 exhibited weak antifungal activity against Uromyces viciae-fabae at 100 ppm in leaf-disc assays, while compound 3 demonstrated moderate insecticidal activity against Diabrotica balteata at 500 ppm in an artificial diet assay.
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