Assessing the ESP Needs of Saudi Engineering Undergraduates: A Diagnostic View
作者: Iftikhar Muhammad & Abdul Halim Abdul Raof
刊名: Arab World English Journal, 2019, Vol.10 (4)
来源数据库: Arab Society of English Language Studies
DOI: 10.24093/awej/vol10no4.16
原始语种摘要: The recent development in the field of science, technology and commerce has revived the significance of English language teaching and learning in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi educational policies are envisioned to configure the students’ communicative competence in English to the demands of the specific professional disciplines as well as the global market. Engineering undergraduates studying at Saudi public universities rely on the Preparatory Year Programme (PYP) to meet their English language needs. However, it seems that no empirical study to date has been conducted to analyse the English language needs of the engineering undergraduates. This study aims at analysing the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) needs of engineering undergraduates studying at a Saudi university. It intends to...
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  • ESP Early Support Program
  • English 英语英国的英国人的英语的
  • syllabus 摘要
  • teaching 教学
  • language 语言
  • engineering 工程
  • competence 强性
  • needs 需要品
  • educational 教育的
  • carry 拿来