Verbal Working Memory Load Dissociates Common Indices of the Numerical Distance Effect: Implications for the Study of Numerical Cognition
作者: Erin A. MaloneyNathaniel BarrEvan F. RiskoJonathan A. Fugelsang
刊名: Journal of Numerical Cognition, 2019, Vol.5 (3), pp.337-357
来源数据库: Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information
DOI: 10.5964/jnc.v5i3.155
关键词: Numerical distance effectWorking memoryMental number lineNumerical representation
原始语种摘要: In four experiments, we explore the role that verbal WM plays in numerical comparison. Experiment 1 demonstrates that verbal WM load differentially impacts the two most common variants of numerical comparison tasks, evidenced by distinct modulation of the size of the numerical distance effect (NDE). Specifically, when comparing one Arabic digit to a standard, the size of the NDE increases as a function of increased verbal WM load; however, when comparing two simultaneously presented Arabic digits, the size of the NDE decreases (and here is eliminated) as a function of an increased verbal WM load. Experiment 2, using the same task structure but different stimuli (physical size judgments), provides support for the notion that this pattern of results is unique to tasks employing numerical...
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  • numerical 数字的
  • verbal 口头
  • representation 表现
  • Arabic 阿拉伯数字
  • comparing 比较
  • effect 效应
  • observed 观察到的
  • pattern 模型
  • artifact 人工产物
  • distinct 相异的