Impact of Watercourse Lining on Water Conservation in the Gadeji Minor Command, Sindh, Pakistan
作者: Ghulam Shabir SolangiNek Muhammad KatbarJaved Iqbal KhokharSallahuddin PanhawarNabi Bux Bhatti
刊名: Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2018, Vol.37 (1)
来源数据库: Mehran University of Engineering and Technology
原始语种摘要: Looming water scarcity could be curtailed with intelligent water losses control. Present study was designed to assess the relative effect of watercourse lining in prospect of seepage minimization. Qualitative as well as quantitative analysis was undertaken using water conveyance efficiency, annual water saving, increase in cropping intensities, time and land saving along with labor saving indictors over Gadeji minor in Sindh, Pakistan. Primary data was collected from field measurements while secondary data was gathered from NPIW (National Program for Improvement of Watercourses), Irrigation Department, personal interviews and site survey. The analysis revealed that lining of 30% initial portion of watercourses resulted average annual water saving of 10.32 hectare-m. Similarly, the...
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  • Pakistan 巴基斯坦
  • cropping 剪毛
  • watercourse 水道
  • saving 节省
  • hectare 公顷
  • collected 收帐
  • quantitative 量的
  • lining 衬里
  • conveyance 运输
  • minimization 最小化