Organometric featurues of prenatal development the vagina in encyesis and pregnancy complicated by maternal chronic urogenital infection
作者: Balatsyuk E.W. Khayrullin R.M. Kan N.I.
刊名: Morfologičeskie vedomosti - Morphological Newsletter, 2012, Vol.20 (2)
来源数据库: Morphological Newsletter
关键词: vaginafemale reproductive systemhuman fetus
原始语种摘要: Morphogenesis of the vagina is a complex process of interaction of embryonic primordia of different origin and not sufficiently investigated. The vagina is a target organ for destroying a wide range of chronic urogenital infections. The aim of the study was to establish the dynamics of organometric parameters of the vagina pre-and perinatal human fetus in encyesis and pregnancy complicated by maternal chronic urogenital infection. The authors studied 91 vagina of female fetuses aged 22 to 40 weeks of development, full-term and preterm infants. The results showed that performance organometric parameters of the human fetal vagina have a linear growth dynamic during the second half of intrauterine development with a significant period of growth in the third trimester of pregnancy. The length...
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  • vagina 叶鞘
  • encyesis 妊娠正常
  • urogenital 泌尿生殖的
  • maternal 母的
  • prenatal 产前的
  • pregnancy 妊娠
  • chronic 延续很长的
  • infection 感染
  • development 开发
  • trimester 三个月时间