Determination of the Photon Force and Power
作者: Manjunath. R
刊名: Academia Arena, 2018, Vol.10 (10)
来源数据库: Marsland Press
DOI: 10.7537/marsaaj101018.02
关键词: Speed of lightMomentumPhotonElectronEnergyForce and time
原始语种摘要: Photons, like all elementary particles, exhibit both wave –like and particle -like properties. The dual nature of photons can be visualized through their interaction with other particles. The photons possess momentum; carry mass during its motion. Hence they also exert force and pressure on other elementary particles. This article describes an equation to measure the force exerted by photon and thus show that photon power is proportional to the force exerted by the photon.
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  • force 
  • Force 
  • exerted 外露的
  • elementary 初步的
  • photon 光量子
  • particle 颗粒
  • Electron 埃雷克特龙镁合金
  • momentum 动量
  • proportional 成比例的
  • light