Alice in Wonderland Syndrome in childhood: Abuse is the root
作者: Stefan Bittmann
刊名: Journal of Pediatric Diseases, 2018, Vol.2 (2)
来源数据库: EnPress Publisher
DOI: 10.24294/jpedd.v2i2.985
关键词: Alice in Wonderland-child-Abuse
原始语种摘要: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS) is named after a novel that was written by Lewis Carroll. The condition was first illustrated in 1955 by John Todd, a psychiatrist. Todd named it, for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Perchance, Lewis Carroll suffered from severe migraine and the disorder as well. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is a disorienting condition that affects one’s perception. AIWS is a neurological disorder that disturbs signals that are sent from the eyes to the brain, thereby causing a subsequent distortion in perception. The patients complain of visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations and altered perceptions. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome in childhood is very rare and can be baffling and terrifying for the patient; for he feels he is going mad in a weird...
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  • terrifying 极大的
  • baffling 起阻遏作用的
  • weird 离奇的
  • psychiatrist 精神病学家
  • thereby 由此
  • exactly 正确地
  • temporal 现世的
  • disorder 无序
  • still 
  • migraine 偏头痛