Transcatheter aortic valve replacement: is anesthesiologic management linked to surgical outcomes?
作者: Chiara Candela Annalaura Di Pumpo Alessandro Centonze Fabrizio Cucciniello Domenico Sarubbi Felice Eugenio Agrò
刊名: Vessel Plus, 2018, Vol.2 (9)
来源数据库: OAE Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.20517/2574-1209.2018.31
关键词: Transcatheter aortic valve implantationAnesthesiaAortic valve disease
原始语种摘要: Aortic valve replacement (AVR) is the current standard treatment for severe aortic stenosis, nonetheless, many patients are not suitable to AVR because of high risk related to advanced age, impaired cardiac function, or comorbidities. Given these considerations, transcatheter aortic valve replacement or implantation (TAVR or TAVI) has emerged in the last decade as an alternative to surgery and has become the treatment of choice for severe aortic stenosis in patients with prohibitive surgical risk. In the context of this kind of hybrid procedure, the anesthesiologist plays a central role because the choice of anesthetic technique is strongly related to clinical features of the patients and technical considerations, which must be discussed collegially with the surgeons. The choice of...
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  • valve 贝壳
  • aortic 织脉的
  • replacement 交代
  • anesthesia 感觉缺失
  • anesthetic 麻醉剂
  • sedation 镇静酌
  • implantation 离子注入
  • stenosis 压缩
  • preoperative 操作前的
  • management 管理